The Agility Ladder – A tool to help boost your power, endurance and athleticism.

Bosu Squats – A moderately difficult exercise that strengthens and tones the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and core muscles.

TRX Upper back work out

Boxing/Heavy bag – Excellent cardio conditionig, to shred excess body fat and improve coordination

Thick Rope training – Besides obvious cardiovascular benefits,undulating thick rope provides a great whole body workout strengthening back,forearms,shoulders,abdominals,hips,legs and hand grip.

Trampoline/Lower abs workout – A fun alternative to your regular crunches,allowing  a range of difficulty for a diversity of fitness levels.

Power plate squats - The benefits of regular squats gets maximized by the oscillating platform vibration.

TRX Bosu ball – A multichallenge workout for balance and core/chest strenght